Phantastica of Art


Painting as a Dream.

Dreaming images coming from the deep of the soul.

This is the rooth of Kurt Manhart's painting and Vision. This was the idea which was the impulse and the

reason why he started this fascinating creative ....

His idea about the art of painting

"Painting is such an addiction,

which has his verity.

We loose through education, social behaviour, this verity,

loosing in this way our true identity and genuinenness.

Wo paints will never be bored from reality or life, since

he will, till the end of his life, still creating a new world"



Kurt Manhart was born in the city of Vienna and he is still living in this cosmopolitan

pulsating world and centre of culture, art and more.

His Expositions in Vienna and other european cities like Barcellona

were a success which shows how important is this way: dreaming.

The Internet Gallery of his images: Gallery

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1130 Wien

Tel.: 0043(0)1(0)6764431009